Our Marketing Support Group For SMEs Is Growing: Here’s A Taster Of What We Do


Our Upper Hand Digital/Business Biscotti marketing clinic is going well. Lots of tips have been swapped such as on Facebook marketing, SEO in video, customer referrals, blog writing etc.

Here are the notes of our April 2017 meeting which gives a flavour of what we do.


Tim welcomed everyone to the Upper Hand Digital/Biscotti Sounding Board marketing group April meeting. Again it was a great turnout. The group is growing every month.

There was a general discussion about understanding your customers – this is the key to targeting your marketing. Key points included:

  • Find out what your customers’ ‘pain points’ are – you could ask them through questionnaires

  • Stress the benefits of what you do rather than focusing on just services

  • Create a debate on social media around your customers which will help extend your online reach –  it’s great free PR

Tim asked if anyone uses case studies in their marketing. Not mentioned in the meeting but Tim has had great success with gaining customer reviews for small business clients which are helping to drive more business for them.

Tim, for example, put together an article for a local under floor heating company based in Redhill which has helped to drive more website visitors through Google and also sales for them:


Regularly posting case studies work because they help build trust with prospects and means that specific locations can be reached. It is also fresh content which the search engines like.

You can also ask for feedback on social media from customers.

Video Testimonials

People are often happy to give video testimonials – which are extremely powerful particularly if there is an incentive. You could, for instance, offer to pay for a breakfast at a networking event in return for a testimonial.

Of course, not everyone likes having a camera pointed at them. Interview-style videos can work well – we talked about Michael Smetham’s testimonial which he did for this group. He said he was more comfortable creating a testimonial as an animation. We think it’s fantastic.

You can see the animation here.

There was also a discussion about using video as a marketing tool generally:

  • When using posting live videos on Facebook – allow around 20 seconds to set the scene first

  • When signing off with live videos on Facebook, finish the video by panning around – this means that you avoid those awkward moments of trying to find the stop recording button on your phone!

SEO Video

You could get ahead online by doing SEO to your videos.

  • Use keywords in your scripts and transcripts

  • Upload a transcript as a subtitles file on YouTube

  • Use keywords in the video description

  • Include calls to action in your videos

Tim thanked the group. The feedback from the Upper Hand Digital/Biscotti Sounding Board marketing support group has been excellent.

You are welcome to come along to the next meeting – details at http://www.upperhanddigital.co.uk/support-group/ Notes from previous meetings can also be subscribed to through that page.


Upper Hand Support Group Sounding Board



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