Tim Talks About His SEO Copywriting/Digital Marketing Work On The Radio

Brooklands Radio LogoTim was delighted to appear on Brooklands Radio on Thursday. Tim talked about his work helping businesses attract more leads and sales online cost effectively.

Tim chatted about why every website needs to offer a good user experience with fresh, original and relevant content. He said these factors help build trust with customers. The search engines also tend to favour sites in their organic listings which work well from a user point of view and are kept updated.

On the Business Affairs show, Tim also talked about the Upper Hand Digital/Business Biscotti support marketing clinic.

“It was a great experience and I would like to thank all the team at Brooklands Radio including Graham and Patricia. They made me feel very welcome.”

Feedback has already been very positive:

“I was listening today at lunchtime and was very impressed with your marketing skills.” – Ray Darrell.

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Surrey's SEO copywriter/digital marketing specialist talks about his work
Surrey's SEO copywriter/digital marketing specialist talks about his work and the Upper Hand Digital/Business Biscotti marketing support clinic.
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Upper Hand Digital / Brooklands Radio
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