Frequently Asked Questions


We know it can seem daunting choosing a digital marketing agency.

Here Ttim-mitchell-small-business-digital-marketing-expertim from Upper Hand Digital sets out answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. What experience does Upper Hand Digital have?

We are an established digital marketing agency and have helped a wide range of satisfied small business clients generate more leads and sales online, cost effectively. Our professional experience in marketing and journalism actually goes back over 22 years. We have also worked on Government marketing and websites. Successes include recently:

– Doubling online sales in 7 months for one major client
– Growing web visitors for one client from 4000 to 7000 a month (organically)
– Producing an advert for one client which is now on SKY TV – more ads for other clients to be shown on the channel are in production
– Increasing the number of significant leads from major organisations from 0 to around 30 every month for a B2B client

Upper Hand Digital Advert

Our advert for one of our clients now showing on SKY TV. The advert continues receiving praise from the industry and has led to more work in this field for us. View ad here.

2. How can you market my industry when you don’t even know about my business or industry?

The answer is that we spend lots of time – even in our own time – thoroughly understanding our clients’ business aims and objectives. We research their market places and what their competitors are doing. We become experts and one of the team. For instance, recently we wrote pieces for one of our clients which were immediately ‘liked’ on LinkedIn by two CEOs from major companies. When you choose Upper Hand Digital, you’ll find it helps having a professional and experienced journalist on board.

See our examples.

3. How can I trust you?

We only use methods that the search engines like. Before we start each session with a client we say what we are going to do and say what we have achieved afterwards. All content is cleared by clients before publication. We also report on website performance using tools such as Google Analytics once a month (apart from our bronze basic package). See packages.

4. Other digital marketing / search engine optimisation (SEO) companies say they can guarantee to get my chosen keywords to the top of Google. Can you?

No one can guarantee to rank certain keywords at the top of the search engines. That’s because no one controls the search engines apart from themselves. Organic rankings can also change for each user depending on their location, device and search history. The best way to monitor campaign success is through tools such as Google Analytics. Visitor numbers, for instance, and the length of time they stay can be measured. We give clients results in a clear to understand way.

5. How long will it take to see results?

Digital marketing is more a marathon than a sprint. We would generally expect to see results within two or three months.

6. Why should I go with you?

Apart from our vast experience in helping a wide range of small businesses grow online, our approachable manner and drive for success, you can rely on us to always over deliver. Small businesses find that our methods really are powerful and cost effective.

7. Sounds good but I am not sure if my budget will stretch for your services. Any suggestions?

We offer a wide range of packages to suit most small business budgets. From 1/2 a day a month to more, we’re sure that one of our packages will be suitable for your small business needs.

8. How do I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from and definitely let’s meet for a chat. We’ll also buy the tea or coffee!

Simply drop us an email info@upperhanddigital.co.uk or call 01372 300106.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Tim from Upper Hand Digital answers frequently asked questions.
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