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Sarah Mitchell regularly answers on web marketing and social media. If you run a small business in Surrey relying on online trade, you’ll want to be checking Sarah’s updates.

Her invaluable advice could stop your business from wasting money and could help it grow online.


Facebook Security Issue

Q – I’ve received an email from Facebook and it’s asking me to verify my account by clicking an enclosed link to log in. How do I know if it’s legitimate and what should I do?

A – This was a query brought to us from a client last week who uses Facebook for their business page. They were right to be suspicious. Whilst sites such as these may ask you to verify your details from time to time, particularly if you’re logging in under a business name, they should never include a link for you to click on to log in.

To check, always close down the email or message and go directly to the site’s homepage and log in from there. If you still have doubts about the origin of the email or message, forward it or a screenshot to and they will check it out for you.


About Sarah Mitchell

Sarah has been working with websites since well before Google. Upper Hand Digital has been marketing websites since the beginning of web marketing. They have worked on many local businesses’ websites as well as Central Government’s own websites.

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