Digital Marketing? What Would Your Past Job Have Been?

Let’s say it’s the Middle Ages clearly I wouldn’t have been doing digital marketing or training as a job. My job would have been something like a trader or a teacher. My wife suggested a sewage worker which I think was a little unfair!😂 But how about you? What job would you have been doing?Pick any period of time. #marketing#marketingtraining

LinkedIn Marketing: Newsletters

Use LinkedIn? Many of us are now able to create newsletters in LinkedIn. Newsletters, in my experience, can be a fantastic way of keeping an audience engaged. They can also help drive leads. You may not have the feature yet but it’s worth checking. To see if you do, go to the ‘Write an article’ section at the top of …

Quick Update: Sept 2020

I thought I would share a quick update on what I’m doing at the moment. Apologies for the sound – I recorded it on a particularly windy day. If you think I can help you with your next project (LinkedIn, content marketing, training), please do get in touch: [email protected] 701526 #training#smallbusiness#marketing

Online Courses Most Popular

Last week, I asked whether you thought people would be happy to attend courses again in real life. My straw poll closed just before new COVID rules were introduced this week. The results were: Yes – 38%No – 52%Not Sure – 11% Do you think there would be more ‘no’s’ if I ran the poll again? Tim #marketing#training#marketingtraining