Our LinkedIn Marketing Case Studies

1. Small Business Wins Work With Heathrow

We were recommended to help a small business training company based in Woking increase revenue. We developed a digital marketing plan that would achieve far better results than even we could have imagined. The campaign Tim put together centred around using LinkedIn to attract organisations and also to find them.

Content on the platform was also re-packaged to raise brand awareness further by posting to other relevant social media channels and also to the client’s own website. This also helped improve their Search Engine Optimisation – the search engines tend to reward sites offering fresh and relevant content in its organic search results (although there are also many other factors).

Within a few weeks of us working with the client, enquiries started arriving. That campaign started SEVEN years ago and we still continue to work with the client.

The client has always been very active in following up on leads. And that’s the key for turning a prospect into a client, to take conversations away from LinkedIn and to speak with them in person. It’s about relationship building.

The client has also worked, as a direct result of our LinkedIn marketing, with the NHS, Renault UK, SpecSavers to name just a few.

2. Client Wins Works Two Days After We Started Marketing

For the next Case Study we want to highlight the story about a lady called Barbara from Coulsdon, Surrey. She is Deaf and has faced barriers all her life. She wanted to create a business and her first thought was to do networking marketing (selling herbal products) to her friends.

Tim realised through his work with the Deaf Community, that companies because of the Equality Act must not discriminate. He also saw that more people were taking an interest in British Sign Language thanks in part to Deaf Actor, Rose Ayling-Ellis, who had first raised awareness through Strictly Come Dancing.

But what was lacking, it seemed to Tim, was that very few corporate organisations were including Signing in their videos.

Explains Tim:

“What I realised is that Deaf people often face barriers that hearing people don’t. You can’t use a phone and often English is not a Deaf person’s first language – Sign Language is (which has a different grammar structure to English).

“So It all started when I was asked whether I could help Barbara Burke who is Deaf with Social Media Communication support. Barbara told me that many Deaf people prefer to watch someone signing in the corner of their screen when they are watching TV (because of the grammar structure being different to English).

“And so my idea of Barbara offering a BSL signing service as an ‘add on’ for existing corporate videos (home screen videos, intranet videos, conference videos) was born. It’s a great way for organisations to actively demonstrate inclusivity and I believe this will help break down the many barriers Deaf people still face.”

And within two days of starting the marketing Barbara, thanks to our work, had her first client with a well known animal charity. She is absolutely delighted!

3.”We Need Help Finding Distributors For Our Global Skincare Business.”

This case study takes us overseas to an established skin care business based in South Africa. Their branding was already in place including content. This gave us a massive head start as we were able to re-use much of their original social media posts.

The client asked us to find distributors around the World to market their award-winning range. But these distributors had to be ones which worked with the skin care/beauty industry.

Using Sales Navigator we were able to pinpoint relevant distributors to connect with. And this is where our skills and experience come in, we always spend time carefully crafting, testing and improving messages for clients.

When you are approach someone on LinkedIn you have never met, you need to take things slowl. It’s rather like dating someone. You wouldn’t generally ask them to marry you straightaway! It’s the same with LinkedIn messaging.

The most time on this project was to find the right people to connect with. As we found, many of the contacts we came across on LinkedIn needed to be crossed-referenced with their own websites. Let’s just say, lots of the LinkedIn profiles were out-of-date.

Again this was a very successful project. We also say to clients to allow three months and more for increasing brand awareness. People need to get to know what you offer. But actually, with this case study our client within the first couple of months had some great people to talk to!

A note about “leads”. We can put clients in front of the right people but it’s for them to follow up with. Afterall, they know what they want to offer to prospects.

The third month closed and a rather polite email came from the client. The header read (which was underlined). “Brilliant Results, Well Done”.

But scrolling down the bottom of the message, these words popped out: “Can we pause the marketing”. It was all very puzzling. We had achieved great results, the client was happy but yet they wanted us to put a hold on the project.

Reading the rest of the message in full it became clear why. The campaign had been so successful that they didn’t actually have the time to follow-up on all the leads. They wanted to have time to catch up, which was fair enough. We did suggest keeping up with posting the content to keep up brand awareness.

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