Case Study 1

Small Business Client Trains MPs, Government Department & Large Corporation (And Others), Thanks To Our Digital Marketing

We were recommended to help a small business training company based in Woking increase revenue.

With a limited budget, we developed a digital marketing plan that would achieve far better results than even we could have imagined. The campaign Tim put together centred around targeted content for their website and social media, and using LinkedIn to approach people to collaborate with.

Within a few weeks of us working with the client, enquiries started arriving – their web traffic actually increased by 50 per cent since I began with them.

One enquiry came in from a Government Dept who wanted training. At the same time, as a result of our efforts using LinkedIn, the CEO of a large chain of retail stores – they have 46 stores in London and the South – invited my client to train his staff.

Our client has given training courses to:

-  MPs
- Government Dept
- Large insurance corporation
- Group of GPs

Our client is thrilled and all this with a limited budget and in a short-space of time.

Case Study 2

How We Helped A Client Attract Business From Large Pharmaceuticals With LinkedIn Marketing, Content Marketing & More

We were recommended to help a small business client based in Dorking with search engine optimisation (SEO). Their target market is mainly large pharmaceuticals.

Upper Hand Digital’s Tim Mitchell suggested that LinkedIn marketing, regular content marketing and a customer email newsletter would be a powerful combination. This would also help with the SEO as well.

This strategy has proved right and since Upper Hand Digital started working with the client, they have gained a number of new large clients in the healthcare field.

Upper Hand Digital is helping Skin Lounge Richmond grow
Upper Hand Digital is helping Skin Lounge

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