Content Marketing Surrey: What To Write

I’m often asked how do I know what to write when producing content for different businesses. The main answer is that I am genuinely interested in the businesses I come across. I always carry out very detailed researched even before I put pen to paper. Thanks to the internet, researching is much easier these days. I also talk to businesses as much as I can. I will also visit:

–        Their websites

–        Industry associations’ websites

–        Social media

–        Competitors’ websites

–        White papers

–        Customer surveys

–        Google keyword planner

I find once I’m helping a company I am naturally drawn to the field they operate in. For instance, I carried out work for a UK duct cleaning company recently. As a result of that I now seem to come across articles about kitchen fires in pubs (unclean grease ductwork is one of the major causes of fires in commercial kitchens)!

Another company I recently produced content for was a curtain cleaning company based in Berkshire. For them I created content such as:

  • Which celebrity would like to hang your curtains up and why?
  • What curtains did you have in the 1970s?

It’s probably my journalist background but I try and make the content I write as interesting as possible with the aim of creating targeted content that will be shared. Great content helps increase online exposure and potential sales and leads. For instance, that kitchen deep cleaning business is now receiving around 30 enquiries every single month because of my content marketing strategy.

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