Content Marketing: Is Your Website Being Let Down By A Lack Of Content?

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Content Marketing: Organic or natural listings of websites are the part of the search engine results which are not advertising. It was only a few years ago when some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agencies – there are still some doing this – said they could almost guarantee to have their clients’ websites keywords rank highly in Google’s organic search results.

There were techniques that these agencies and indeed website owners used that worked at the time such as:

● Including keywords in the domain name

● Repeating keywords lots of times

● Hiding keywords in white writing or off the page

● Linking sites automatically to the target websites

Results from these strategies could generally be seen very quickly in the organic listings and these methods were easy to do. Google, however, became wise to these ‘black hat’ techniques and started penalising sites in their listings that tried to use these methods by launching a number of algorithm changes to combat them. Google also lowered sites in their listings that offered little value; sites which had little content and were rarely updated.

Try these ‘black hat’ methods now and you’re likely to see your site drop like a stone and disappear way down into the darkest depths of Google’s listings. Have a site with little content and expect not to appear very high up for your chosen keywords if they are at all competitive. Some owners may have been moved their sites to new servers and tried adding new links.

They may have built entirely new sites with new domains but have still been left scratching their heads wondering what to do next because they can’t get their site to rank as well as they would like. SEO these days takes time and money. There are no short cuts and don’t believe anyone who says there are.

While some ‘black hat techniques’ might work even today for a short time, there will always be the danger that they will harm your site and potentially impact your business. After all, Google has teams of highly skilled engineers working all the time on combating ‘black hat’ techniques.


Bad Techniques

Sadly, these past bad techniques have contributed to many businesses closing because they couldn’t recover their keywords in the organic listings. I’ve seen businesses spending huge amounts of time trying to recover their keywords and sometimes to no avail.

Google wants to give their users the best service. They are aiming to return the most accurate answers to searchers and quickly. If the search engines returns any ‘old result’ it could actually harm their own credibility.

My view is that because of past SEO techniques working, some website owners neglected creating a good experience on their sites. They were able to drive people to their websites but didn’t think about the overall experience. It was, after all, all too easy to throw some links to a site and then see target keywords to the site rising in the organic listings. This has all changed. Content as they say is king and that means that websites need to have content that is:

● Fresh

● Relevant

● Original

Some websites are beginning to catch up with focusing on content which is encouraging. Are your competitors doing this more and if so are they doing it in the best consistent way? Content marketing really can have huge benefits and is worth the time and effort. Whether you are a roofing company, a mortgage broker or a construction firm, fresh, original, targeted content works.

We would be delighted to help with content marketing for your business – do get in touch.

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Content Marketing: Are You Updating Your Website?
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Content Marketing: Are You Updating Your Website?
Fresh, quality content could help your business.
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