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 Creative gift ideas: What do you give someone celebrating their 80th birthday? Answer, go personal with their own unique radio show.

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Creative gift ideas for an 80th birthday. Tricky, yes, awkward, yes – so what do you buy?

Many octogenarians feel that they have reached the time of life when they want to start de-cluttering their homes. It may be out of necessary if they are moving to smaller premises or simply because they want to pass on items that they have enjoyed over the years.

A nice vase or ornament may, therefore, be out of the question if you are looking for a gift.

Celebrating an 80th birthday, however, is a milestone that should be marked. You want to give a present that means something. The last thing you want to do is to add to the clutter.

Creative Gift Ideas 80th Birthday

One option may be to give photos of family and friends. These could become a lovely keep-sake.

Photo frames perhaps – mounted on the wall could bring that extra bit of pleasure. It’s not the same as hearing sentiments spoken by family or friends?

Go Really Personal

Can it then be possible to take it one stage further with something that’s just as personal but a little bit different as well?

A gift that could be treasured for years to come? A present that in theory could act also an historical record? How about a personalised radio show? Sounds intriguing? It is.

How it works is that their family and friends record messages on WhatsApp which is a free service and encrypted. You can see more about the process here.

WhatsApp can be downloaded onto smart phones and now some computers. These personal clips can then carefully compiled and mixed into a radio show – all the contributions in an easy format to be listened to time and time again.


It really is a magical experience hearing the people that care the most sharing memories of that special person. It’s almost as if they are in the room, a kind of virtual party. This has to be one of the best creative gift ideas around.

A unique radio show, all about that special person. See for yourself how it works. Hear a short compliation clip of what we did for Chris’s 40th.


Now wouldn’t that be very special for that person celebrating their 80th? Creative gift ideas for 80th birthdays from Upper Hand Digital. We make something special, extra special.

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Get in touch today and make your special person’s 80th birthday extra special with a radio show for them.


01372 300106

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“This is the best present I’ve ever had. It means so much to me. I will always treasure it. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Chris Turner.

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