Creative gift ideas for weddings - personalised radio show
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Magic Moments For The Special Couple Captured With A Personalised Radio Show 

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Creative gift ideas for weddings – personalised radio shows.

Looking for something special to give to the happy couple? The trouble is what do you buy them? Toasters? Boring and they probably have one too. What about something for the mantel piece? Nah they might have different tastes to what you have.

Then there’s the wedding list but that seems a little impersonal – do you actually want to be remembered for buying the towels or a laundry bin?

Money could be another option – that doesn’t seem right either. It might feel like you haven’t put in any effort into buying the couple a gift.

Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas. What do you buy? It is a problem that many guests often wrestle with when they are invited to a wedding.


What if you went personal – really personal? A gift that’s a ‘one-off’. Wouldn’t that have shown you have given some thought and something for the happy couple to treasure for years to come?

Hold onto your horses, you’re thinking, sometimes personalised gifts can be a bit tacky such as mug with a photo on it.

This is of course true but our idea is simply sensational. It involves collating contributions such as anecdotes from guests using the free messaging service WhatsApp which can be downloaded onto your smart phone or desktop.

And then – this is the clever bit – having the contributions mixed into a personalised radio show. Cool, eh?

What’s even more impressive is that those that can’t be there for the special day can also record messages.

Creative Gift Ideas Weddings

Discover more about how it works.

This is a snap shot of a personalised radio show that we we did to celebrate a 40th birthday recently. To say the least, Chris the recipient, was blown away.

Personalised radio shows as creative gift ideas for weddings – what an amazing present their own radio show would be for the happy couple.

Hear a short compliation clip of what we did for Chris’s 40th.

You can read more about Chris’ story here.

Find out about Charlotte and Jon’s story.

Creative Gift Ideas - Weddings - Special-Couple

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Get in touch today and make the special couple’s wedding extra special with a radio show for them.

01372 300106

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“This is the best present I’ve ever had. It means so much to me. I will always treasure it. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Chris Turner.

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Personalised radio programmes are ideal for all occasions. We make them for:
And much more! Make someone’s day, make someone’s years.
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