Deaf Owned Business Needing Marketing?

Did you know that Upper Hand Digital specialises in helping Deaf owned businesses with their digital marketing? We’ve done this since 2017 in the UK!

Take Kathleen, for instance. She runs a Sign Language school in Surrey. She orignally asked her website developer if they knew of anyone who could do social media.

Tim was recommended (as a Social Media Communication Support Worker). He has helped Kathleen’s business grow in a massive way. The Sign Language school now delivers Deaf Awareness training and British Sign Language training for well known organisations including the NHS Heathrow, Lloyds of London and SpecSavers to name just a few.

During that Tim has been growing his own British Sign Language skills and as he says: “There’s still a long way to go but I’m very enthusiastic. It’s nice to have meetings with my Deaf clients in British Sign Language.”

Tim is also working with another Deaf Business owner. Barbara won her first client thanks to Tim’s LinkedIn work within the first couple of days of marketing.

If you a Deaf owned business and need some help with marketing, do get in touch. In the UK, Access To Work, could provide funding for Tim’s social media communication support work.