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I want to highlight the story of a lady called Barbara from Coulsdon, Surrey. She is Deaf and has faced barriers all her life. She wanted to create a business and her first thought was to do networking marketing (selling herbal products) to her friends.

I know through my ongoing work with the Deaf Community, that companies because of the Equality Act must not discriminate.

I have seen more people taking an interest in British Sign Language thanks in part to Deaf Actor, Rose Ayling-Ellis, who first raised awareness through Strictly Come Dancing.

But what is lacking is that few organisations are including signing in their videos. or communications. They are missing a trick in my view and could be turning away business.

Some Deaf people prefer watching signing rather than captions. It’s also worth remembering that BSL is also used by some autistic people as well.

😊 And so, the idea of Barbara offering a BSL signing service as an β€˜add on’ for existing videos (home screen videos, intranet videos, conference videos) was born. Credit to Andy Fairweather who helped develop the idea.

πŸŽ‰ And within two days of starting the marketing (using mainly LinkedIn), Barbara had her first client with the RSPCA.

She is absolutely delighted and has a number of other projects lined up with well known organisations as a result of my work.

Having the right specialist support in place can open up amazing opportunities.

πŸ‘‰ Do get in touch if you think I can help you find and open up leads for your business (I don’t just work with the Deaf community).

I specialise in Social Media Communication Support Work for the Deaf community. I am also an International Digital Marketing trainer – I recently ran a four-day Social Media Masterclass in Dubai.


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