If you run a business you want the keywords for your website to be right at the top of Google, Are you struggling to achieve that, no matter how much time, effort and money you spend on it? Did you know that Google in particular are returning search results based on:

  • The user’s device (mobile users will sometimes receive different search results to those viewing on desktops)
  • Search history
  • Search location

What’s more is that through Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, the search engine is returning results based on people searching by speaking, rather than typing a couple of keywords. In other words, if your keywords for your site are not coming up in the organic search rankings don’t despair. Instead installing if you haven’t already Google Analytics or similar. Take a look at:

  • Number of visitors increasing – returning and new
  • Bounce rate – the length of time visitors stay on a page before clicking away – the lower the bounce rate the better
  • Length of time people stay on the site
  • Setting goals e.g.the number of people signing up to the newsletter
  • Increases in sales

The better the user experience is (that includes offering great content), the more likely you’re going to see increased exposure in the search engines and ultimately more sales.

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