Digital Marketing Agency Leatherhead: Your Content Helping You?

As a specialist digital marketing agency for Leatherhead businesses, we’ve seen it all with so called ‘black hat’ SEO methods. These strategies seemed to work in the short-term but in the end significantly impacted businesses. Some had used automated link building, tried hiding keywords, stuffed their keywords in content, spun their content…the list just goes on.

Our view has always been to help clients in the long-term by developing strategies that were honest. It’s worked. In fact the companies we’ve helped continue to enjoy increased sales on a regular basis. What we do is simply create targeted content for websites and social media. It’s content that draws potential customers in who then go onto convert.

Here’s some ways you can copy our winning strategy

Understand Your Market

Understand your target, most profitable market. Where are your customers coming from?


Research longer-tail keywords using Google Keyword Planner – what words and phrases do you think your customers are searching for?

Have A Plan

Have a content marketing plan and stick with it.

Original And Relevant Content

Produce content that offers something of value to your customers and the search engines. Write for your customer and not for the search engines! If you are not a natural wordsmith, use someone who can help and knows your industry.

Upper Hand Digital, the specialist digital marketing agency for Leatherhead businesses and covers:

  • Epsom
  • Cobham
  • Weybridge
  • Walton

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