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We were delighted to help Weybridge author Patricia Jones market her books.

Pat Jones Haslemere Bookshop

Marketing books can be tough. There’s lots of competition and it can be hard to get noticed.

In a way, if your book is factual it can be an advantage in terms of marketing. You can target specific terms people are looking for online.

So how did we help Patricia with her fiction books (and a modest budget)?

The first thing was to make sure she had a decent ‘shop window’. A website was created which showcased all her books. The site had the ability for people to purchase books directly through her site or via Amazon.

Her site also included reviews, news of her book readings and a blog.

But there was something else which was also needed for the marketing – some creative thinking.

We got in touch with independent bookshop. Haslemere Bookshop (near Guildford, Surrey). They kindly agreed to stock Patricia’s book (they are lovely people down there). They were also very active on social media.

Tim from Upper Hand Digital takes up the story.

Brooklands Radio

“As a hobby, I’m involved with popular Surrey-based radio station, Brooklands Radio. An excellent station which itself has lots of links with the local area.

“It struck me that Patricia could present a show for Brooklands Radio, from the bookshop. It was a win-win for everyone. The shop could reach a new audience through the radio station, Brooklands Radio could have another interesting local show to feature, and Patricia could increase her online presence through the bookshop and the radio station’s customer and social media bases.”

“You don’t necessarily need to spend lots of advertising. Sometimes, very simple marketing ideas – such as this one – can be the most powerful’.

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Sadly Patricia Jones passed away the following year. Our thoughts continue to be with her family and friends. It was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to work so closely with Patricia.

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