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Thank you for showing an interest in what we do. My name’s Tim Mitchell and I own Upper Hand Digital – a digital marketing agency set up for smaller businesses in Surrey.

In a personal capacity, I’m also a corporate trainer. I’ve trained many sizes of organisations including abroad in marketing (including LinkedIn) My last trip was to Oman.

You can see where I physcially started the business here.

What I haven’t mentioned at the moment is where the name “Upper Hand Digital” came from.

The answer is that there is not a straightforward answer but mainly it’s a cross of the place where we are based – Upper Court Road – and, I’m afraid, an old TV sitcom I used to enjoy watching, the Upper Hand! Of course, our digital marketing name also sounds good as well!

We started in 2014 and we’ve been helping many smaller businesses in Surrey gain the Upper Hand since then! Our main specialities include LinkedIn, email marketing and website content. We must have helped hundreds of different businesses over the years. We love what we do.

People like our friendly but knowledgeable approach. You can see some of our case studies here and read just a few testimonial here.

We do actually get amazing results. Even we can’t believe them sometimes.! Our clients are now working with well known names such as Heathrow, SpecSavers, Lloyds of London to name just a few.

I very much hope that we can help your small business soon too.

Best wishes and keep safe.

LinkedIn training


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Upper Hand Digital – the digital marketing agency here to support smaller businesses in Surrey and beyond.