Digital Marketing Agency Surrey: Time To Blow Our Own Trumpet – Again

Digital Marketing Agency Surrey: We work with a range of clients operating often in niche but very competitive areas.

We don’t begin as experts in their fields when we start working with the but we certainly become ones. We need to be if we are to be the voice of their brands and to create targeted digital marketing campaigns.

That’s why at the start of every project we spend so much time researching and analysing clients’ markets, goals and their competitors. We use our digital marketing skills to produce a strategy that works for the best return on investment.

Sadly, we still hear from new clients that they need to be at the ‘top of Google for certain keywords’. And sadly, we still see SEO business guaranteeing that they can rank websites at the top of Google.

They can’t. In fact it could harm your business if you were to try these SEO companies’ techniques. We have heard so many times the damage that so called ‘black hat techniques’ have had on websites. In one or two businesses it has also cost them their livelihoods. That’s when we are often brought in.

We’ve stayed the test of time because we’re exceptional at what we do. We get results – again and again. Even at times, we’re amazed at how powerful what we do is.

After making sure websites are offering the best customer experience, we look at ways of continually attracting visitors – customers – time and time again.  It works.

Recent Success

One of our new clients operates in a very competitive field. We started producing optimised quality blog content every week for them in April. The aim that it would also be shared and could also be re-packaged in other forms.

We keep a very close eye of the analytics and conversion goals. As a direct result of doing this – the same technique that we’ve used so successfully for other clients – the number of sessions of their website has gone up 75 in the space of these few months. Crucially though, their sales have also shot up, and their customers are spending more.

We can’t go into specifics but to say the least we’re delighted and so is our client – very, very delighted.

Quite rightly we are chuffed – again. That’s why more businesses are discovering that Upper Hand Digital is the right digital marketing agency in Surrey that they can trust.

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