Feeling Thankful

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tim-mitchell-small-business-digital-marketing-expertI am feeling grateful and thankful. In the networking community we lost a dear colleague Rob Sedgwick recently Рmy thoughts are with his family Sharon Sedgwick and friends such as Karen Espley.

I have been re-connecting as well with friends that I have lost touch with over the years, which has been wonderful.

On the work side things are going well. In the last two weeks I have two new clients and a number of proposals expected to be agreed to soon.

I also have an ad I produced for a small business client airing on Sky TV (see below) and content I have written for clients immediately ‘liked’ on LinkedIn by CEOs of major companies.

But more importantly, I have such a lovely group of people online and offline. As I say, I feel very grateful and thank you. Now where are the tissues?

If you feel I can help your small business grow online, please get in touch for a friendly chat:

01372 300106 | info@upperhanddigital.co.uk

Best wishes



Feeling Thankful
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Feeling Thankful
We lost a dear colleague Rob Sedgwick recently. It makes you appreciate things and what you have achieved in your own life. For me, I have a wonderful network of people. I have an ad showing at the moment on Sky TV for a small business client. I am thankful and it's great to help small businesses grow online.
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