Getting Personal

I had the privilege of talking about my life on a programme called ‘Behind The Voice’ for Radio Wey on Sunday. Radio Wey is a hospital / community radio station that I have been involved since…well I definitely had hair when I started and short trousers!  It’s a station close to my heart as I’ve talked about before.

I was interviewed by Robin Whitbread who made me feel so relaxed. We chatted about my education and my achievements. We also talked about office romances – don’t have one is my advice – getting married and my family.

I also touched on my interest in recording documentaries. I made one on Concorde being restored at Brooklands Museum. The picture is of Miranda from Radio Wey who kindly posed for a publicity shot for me at the time.


When you’re forced to find five pieces of music that mean something to you, well that can be rather hard and very surprising. Let’s just say my music tastes have certainly not improved!

I hope you enjoy listening to ‘Behind The Voice’. The audio clips can be found here.


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