Happy Wombling Christmas Recycling Content – Makes Content Marketing Really Easy

When my two daughters tear into their presents next week, I shall no doubt be spending my time gathering up all the wrapping paper and then recycling (not the presents just yet but the paper!)

I might in between Top of the Pops and the Queens Speech, be thinking about recycling the material I’ve produced myself in 2014 such as from presentations or email campaigns, so that I could re-use it again for my website and social media. My new year’s resolution is to recycle content I produce offline for online use, and more often. I’ll be like an online Womble. It makes content marketing even easier and very cost-effective.

I would be very happy to show you how to do ‘online Wombling’ as well.  It’s a good feeling attracting visitors with material you’ve already used!  Uncle Bulgaria would be thrilled; so would Madame Cholet.

Why not make becoming an ‘online Womble’ one of your new year’s resolutions?

Best wishes


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