Interesting COVID-19 Social Media

๐Ÿ‘‹I’ve been preparing a webinar today on how to use social media during this pandamic and came across this stat which I thought you might like to see. Researchers from Wunderman Thompson UK analysed Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Mumsnet to gauge the impact of COVID-19 during March.

They found the number of posts on social media using the word โ€˜communityโ€™ had increased. If you guessed at C) 82% on my graphic you would be right.

My feeling is that people were – and still are – looking at ways of pulling together as a community. For businesses, I think at the moment they should keep engaging and building their own communities (customers, connections, stakeholders etc.) and share useful information and kindness. It’s not the time for direct selling (for most businesses). Love to hear your thoughts.๐Ÿ‘ Tim