International Businessman Praises Tim

Mara Thorne Postcard

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Tim.

I first met Tim in 1986, when he joined Radio Wey as a broadcaster. Since then, Tim’s mastery of content and everything digital has exploded.

Should Tim decide to work with you, you will find that Tim will help and guide you beyond the original contract. He is constantly looking to add value to his customers and help them and their business move to the next level.

About Ben Chai

Ben Chai


• BOARD MEMBER for 13 organisations
• MANAGING DIRECTOR, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR & CHIEF STAFF OFFICER roles in global corporate & small businesses

• Thomson Technology (Global)
• Microsoft (Global)
• IT Seminars (UK)
• Incoming Thought (Global)
• JT Foxx Events (Global)
• Cyber-Security events (Global)
• Learning Tree International (Global)
• Multiple NYT and Amazon Best Seller
• Trainer for Learning Tree International business and internet writing courses

Ben recently featured on BBC2 on a programme about property management – he owns a number of properties around Egham, Surrey.

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