LinkedIn Audio Events – Rocket-Boost Your Online Presence

Want more followers to your LinkedIn Company page? Want to stand out above your competitors on the channel? Want more business opportunities to come your way?

If the above resonates with you why not consider hosting a series of LinkedIn Audio Rooms?

What Are LinkedIn Audio Rooms?

LinkedIn Audio Rooms is a feature available in Creator Mode (ask us about this if you are not sure). There is also an option to host LinkedIn Audio Rooms through your own Company page on the channel (providing you have the right number of followers).

The best way of describing LinkedIn Audio Rooms is that they are a cross between a radio show, a networking group and a training session.

It works by the host and guest speakers gathering on a virtual stage. You can invite people up onto the stage to speak. They then have the option to unmute their microphones.

Why Are LinkedIn Audio Rooms So Good For Boosting Your Online Presence?

A number of reasons:

  • Most people and organisations are not yet using LinkedIn Audio events so they are brilliant way to stand out.
  • People get to know and trust you as its your LinkedIn Audio they are attending (people tend to buy from people they know).
  • Great for PR, you can promote each of your Audio Events on your social media channels as well as listing the Event under Events section on LinkedIn. People can be notified on your Event by email by LinkedIn (if they have agreed to come along).
  • These events give a reason to re-connect with past contacts (which could lead to new opportunities).
  • You will attract and grow your following simply because of the increased exposure.
  • Themes from the Audio Rooms can be used as a basis for content for use in future LinkedIn posts, on other social media channels, in email marketing etc.

Our Experience

We regularly run Rooms where we often have over 200 people responding to our invitations and around 50 or more attending. These are people that want to hear about what we have to say.

Do these Events bring leads? Yes. Most of our events generate leads for us. Although LinkedIn Audio Rooms are a fairly new format, Upper Hand Digital’s Tim Mitchell’s own background is in journalism, marketing and training (Tim qualified as a journalist in 1994 and has worked with hundreds of businesses over the years.

He also presents a weekly radio show and is an international trainer in marketing. He’s delivered training for well known global name including for Handlesbanken and Kingston University.

How We Can Help

It may seem daunting hosting a room but with our support in doesn’t have to be.

Option 1: LinkedIn Audio Event Management

  • Advise on a LinkedIn Audio strategy and the best ways of attracting the right people and keeping them engaged at your event.
  • Produce the marketing material including LinkedIn flyer.
  • Invite followers
  • Co host and managing your LinkedIn Event (we’ve background in radio and trained in journalism)
  • Create and distribute (with your approval) a LinkedIn Audio Event
  • Reporting on results

Costs: From £1, 200 per month (2x 1 hour hour Rooms and one newsletter per month using existing material)

Option 2: Mix – Bring Us In When You Need Us

We can help with the any of the above.

Costs: Price quoted separately.

Option 3: Consultation

We can share our knowledge and help you creating your LinkedIn series

Costs: From £650 per day.

Get in touch today for an informal chat about how LinkedIn Audio Rooms with our support could turbo-charge your business and brand.

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