LinkedIn Marketing Quick Tip: Past Contacts

Here’s another quick and useful LinkedIn Marketing Tip I want to share with you today and it’s to do with tagging.

But before I get into that, let me tell you about a post I uploaded in August 2023 to LinkedIn about Upper Hand Digital’s 9th Birthday.

I have met all sorts of people from different industries throughout Upper Hand’s journey. Without people who have been there to give me words of encouragement and help, there is no way I would have a business. Never underestimate the importance of having and growing your own network.

Back to the post I uploaded to LinkedIn. I was on holiday and sitting on the settee overlooking the sea, I opened up the LinkedIn App and started tapping away. on my mobile phone.

In the post, I mentioned Upper Hand Digital’s 9th Anniversary and said thank you to everyone who had supported us. In the comments section I tagged those people who I have worked with, and also cheerleaders. I wanted to make sure they knew that I had appreciated their efforts.

Two days later, a message pops up on my phone from a client I last worked with in 2017. They asked whether I would be interested in helping them again with social media marketing. My answer was yes. I always liked working with them and I was sad that they had moved away to another Agency. I think the Agency had overpromised.

Another chap two days after my LinkedIn post – who I have worked with before – also sent me a text asking for some help with his social media as well.

The message here is to keep up with contacts, tag them in posts (without overdoing it) and to thank people for their help. You never know they might just get in touch again and offer you a great new opportunity.


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