LinkedIn Pages: Follower Numbers Could Drop

#LinkedIn continues to make changes.

As users, we may well see the number of followers to our LINKEDIN PAGES dropping. LinkedIn say they are removing inactive accounts.

We’ve started to see this with our own personal profiles.

What we don’t know is what counts as an inactive account. Some of my Followers, for instance, like to simply use LinkedIn as a resource so don’t post that often but will get in touch directly with me when they need to.

But I would encourage everyone to use LinkedIn for #networking with real people.

Heads up next Wednesday (6th September) at 5pm UK time, I will be running with Eny our next Marketing MasterclassĀ #linkedinaudioevent. As always, it promises to be a great event and a terrific way of generating leads. I hope you can come along. Details will be announced here.



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