LinkedIn Training Surrey – Helping Terry

When Terry (name changed) lost his job, he decided that he would try to find work as a consultant.

Terry had years of experience as an engineer and had worked on major projects. He said that he wasn’t very good at selling and wasn’t sure what to post on LinkedIn.

He approached me for help.

I had a look at Terry’s LinkedIn profile and to be fair it was good. In his LinkedIn summary section, his sentences and paragraphs were short – making it easy to read.

We chatted about his ideal client and following market research, I helped Terry tweak his profile and I devised a LinkedIn marketing strategy (including what types of content to post). I showed Terry how to find and connect with his ideal clients through LinkedIn.

I reassured him that LinkedIn is all about relationship building – people need to know, like and trust you.

Within a few weeks, Terry had won a very large engineering contract.

Terry is just one example. Other small business clients, as a result of my marketing, are now working with the NHS, Heathrow, SpecSavers to name just a few.

If you need a hand with your marketing or training/coaching, please get in touch. 😊

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