Mini LinkedIn Course: Getting Your Personal Profile Right

Another mini LinkedIn Course for you and this time I want to briefly discuss LinkedIn profiles. I can’t go into all the details here but would be happy to have a chat about yours – contact details at the end.

Before we delve in, let me say that even if you have the most wonderful LinkedIn profile in the world, it’s not going to be enough to attract the people you want to work with.

Think of your LinkedIn profile like a shop window. It can look pretty but you still need to make it obvious that you are open for business. You need marketing, more about that in future blogs.


Back to your LinkedIn profile, your shop window. Let’s start at the top, the banner that runs behind your profile picture. This is perfect real-estate to hook people in.

You can design a nice banner – Canva is pretty handy for this. Think about why people should visit your profile and what’s in it for them. You also need to build trust (so perhaps include some customer quotes on your banner).

Professional Picture

Movinf down to your own personal picture. People want to get to know you so make sure you upload a picture that represents how you are in real life. A picture with a smile helps, I think, with people wanting to connect with you.


You want to draw people in and quickly. Use keywords you want to be found by. You also need to make your headline stand out with your audience. And it needs to build trust and show what you do. Not an easy thing to craft but it’sworth refining to make sure it keeps meeting the mark.


With the About section, I like to think of it in the same way I would as if I were meeting somebody at a networking event. I would first say that’s it’s nice to meet them or for my own profile, I thank them for visiting it.

I then say that I am looking forward to finding out about what they do – taking an interest in them, just as I would in real life.

In my About section, I’ll set out:

  • How I Help
  • What I Do
  • Who I’ve Helped
  • The Results
  • Contact Details

My aim is also to build trust and the benefits to them of what I do.

Keep the sentences and paragraphs short, use bullet points and also include keywords. Your profile has to be easy to scan when someone is reading it on their mobile phones.

The Rest Of The Profile

I think most people don’t scroll down past the About section. I have no proof of this but it seems likely. With websites we know that the top 1/3 of a site is actually what most people look at.

That said, it’s important to complete all the rest of the section, Experience, Education etc. as LinkedIn tends to show Profiles more if all of the sections are completed.

But I would highly suggest asking for Recommendations and also leaving Recommendations for your network. They are great way to show credibility and an excellent way to get noticed by people. By doing this, it can really open up doors. Believe me, flattery goes a long way!

Of course, I have only touched the surface here but I hope this post shows how important it is to have a good LinkedIn profile. I hope you’ve found the tips useful.

Look out for more “Mini LinkedIn Course” tips here. And if I can help you with your LinkedIn profile, do get in touch.


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