‘My History’ Personalised Radio Service

I drove up to the Midlands on Wednesday. Nothing unsual there but I began to start thinking of my grandparents. They came from Nottingham and I do still miss them. I miss hearing their voices.

At home – I believe – there are some recordings that my Dad has of his father. I will try and seek these out soon. It would be truly special to hear the old tapes again. They are definitely on an old reel-to-reel (remember those).

It struck me that I haven’t really recorded anything of myself for my children – not specific memories – and not in audio. Audio is so much more personal than video. That’s why I have decided to launch ‘My History’ service which captures family memories in audio using WhatsApp.

You can find more details of the ‘My History’ service here:


As I get older, I realise how quickly time is passing. The voices we hear now could be just a distant memory. I, for one, do not want that to happen.



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