My History Surrey – Recording Special Memories From A Rainy Weekend.

My History Personalised Radio Tim Mitchell

‘My History’ In Surrey: A wet weekend and I’m taking my eldest daughter to do indoor activities. She chooses bowling, a great idea. The bowling alley almost looks out of this world with its flashing neon lights.

Tim Mitchell - 'My History'  SurreyBowling – and that particular alley – holds special memories for me. I was taken there at the same age as my daughter is now as a treat. It’s there in later years that I did much of my courting with my girlfriend at the time. She’s now my wife. ‘Courting’ seems very old-fashioned saying that!


Now, I’m creating a memory for my daughter and for me. How lucky am I to be able to watch this little girl – my baby – growing up. She is part of ‘my history’, my memories. And how bemused I am that she is becoming annoyed that she has not beaten my score! We did draw later and that was me doing my best.

And it’s this day that I hope I will remember forever. Like other memories, I look forward to sharing them at her wedding and in audio form as a personalised radio show.

For now, I appreciate this special moment. She tugs my arm and it’s my turn to bowl.

Tim is a producer of personalised radio shows which are ideal if you are looking for creative gift ideas. You can find out more about his ‘my history’ Surrey here.

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