Nice Testimonial From Sports Business Based In Weybridge

Nice testimonial from sport and education businesss

Mind Zone – based in Weybridge – offers unique tennis and life skills programmes to children across the county. The business uses the latest psychological research to inspire children aged 3-14 to realise their potential in tennis and in life. The programme is centred around animated characters, all with different skills.

We received this lovely testimonial from Mindzone:

“Recently we met with the Manager of Upper Hand Digital Tim Mitchel. He was extremely helpful and you could tell that Upper Hand Digital really cares about their clients,” Elliot Mould, CEO, Mind Zone.

Thank you for the kind words, Elliot. We are looking forward to helping Mind Zone grow.

Nice Testimonial From Surrey Sports Business
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Nice Testimonial From Surrey Sports Business
Nice Testimonial From Surrey Sports Business
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Upper Hand Digital
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