Personalised Creative Gift Ideas: Chris’ Story

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Precious Moments Captured In A Personalised Radio Show For 40th  

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When business director – Chris Turner – hit the big 40, he had no idea the impact one particular present would have on his life and his family’s.

Chris spends most of his time travelling abroad. The little spare time he has is often spent catching up with his own little family, and routine chores. 

Chris used to be very close to his extended family but he does not see them as much as he would like these days. 

He misses the fun times and banter with his cousins in particular who live miles away, and some in different countries.

Creative Gift Ideas: Chris'40th
Through work, Chris often eats in restaurants and stays in hotels abroad. He also says he does not want presents for birthdays. This gave his family a problem of how to mark his 40th.

They wanted to organise a huge party but this would have been totally impractical as Chris’ diary was already very full. It would also be too costly and time consuming for the extended family to gather in one place.

Personalised Radio Shows

His sister, Sarah, had heard about a new service to do with personal radio shows. In short, a radio show would be produced professionally all about Chris with family members contributing by recording messages through the free service, WhatsApp – available to anyone with a smart phone.

The types of messages to be included would be anecdotes and character traits. It would be a chance for the family to say how much they appreciated him.

The messages would then be transferred, edited and mixed into a professional sounding show. To add to the ambience, a background sound effect of an airport lounge – where Chris spends much of his time – would be added.


What happened was that a secure WhatsApp group was set up. Within a few hours, Chris’ dad recorded a piece recalling a story of his son growing up and saying how proud he was of him.

Once one or two people heard the recording of his Dad, more audio contributions soon followed. Each family member roughly recorded around a minute worth of audio through through WhatsApp.

They found it was very quick and easy for them to do even for those with a fear of ‘technical things’. There were 10 contributors for the 15 minute piece. The professionals said it didn’t matter about ‘ums’ or ‘ers’ as these could be edited out if necessary.

They advised contributors to make notes on what they wanted to say before hitting the microphone button in WhatsApp. For those who didn’t like the sound of their own voices, written messages were read out by a voice over artiste.

A few weeks later and the family that could come to a small gathering watched Chris as the audio was played to him on Sarah’s smart phone. She said his face lit up immediately.

Meant More Than Anything

Chris said he couldn’t believe hearing everyone’s voices again. It was a present – that he said – meant more than anything else. One that he says he will always keep and listen to in including during hard times to remind him that his family are still there.

The next day Chris started speaking again with the people he hasn’t spoken to for a long time – his extended family – through WhatsApp.

Old photos were shared by family members. To this day the family – with Chris very much part of it – continues to message each other through WhatsApp, talking just like they used to but virtually. Sarah says it’s amazing to see once more how powerful a personalised radio programme can be.

To find out more about creating a personalised radio programme for your special person, contact us today .Hear a short compliation clip of what we did for Chris’s 40th:

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Get in touch today and make your special person’s birthday extra special with a radio show for them.

01372 300106

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“This is the best present I’ve ever had. It means so much to me. I will always treasure it. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Chris Turner.

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Personalised radio programmes are ideal for all occasions. We make them for:

And much more! Make someone’s day.

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Chris Turner and family., Stuart Miles at


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