Personalised Creative Gift Ideas: Quick, Easy & Amazing

Personalised Creative Gift Ideas: It’s very quick and simple to take part in the radio programme. What’s more it doesn’t even matter how many takes you do, or how many ‘ums’ and ers there are!  Believe us, even professional voice over artists need some editing!

What we won’t do is alter the context of what you’ve said – in fact we”ll keep things as natural as possible.

What happens

You appoint a co-ordinator for encouraging people to record an entry. We’re ideally looking for around  10-15 one minute clips. What works the best is having a mixture of different voices. So one person could record one or two clips each.

  • With you smart phone – download the WhatsAPP and create a group. 
  • Invite the people you want to join the group. Set a deadline – you will need to give us at least four weeks for editing. Unfortunately we can not include any new contributions during this time

Tip for contributors: Give a deadline to contributors at least two weeks before our deadline so that late comers can be included.

It’s best to regularly prompt people!

  • You will need to give us access to the Whatapps group – we will leave when the recording is done.  We do not share personal information.
  • You could use a pay-as-you-go phone(s) if you wish as long as it works with Whatapp.
  • To record simple press the mic button icon at the very bottom in your Whatapp group.
  • Jot down a few notes before you record – do not be tempted to read what you say as this may sound stilted.
  • Speak into your phone normally. It doesn’t matter if you make mistake – honesty.
  • Then record and imagine you are talking to that special person

You could share:

  • -past memories
  •  anecdotes
  •  the qualities of that special person.

And that’s it!

We’ll take the clips, edit, adjust the sound levels if necessary and years our 30 years experience to turn your clips into a very special radio programme – great personalised gift ideas from Upper Hand Digital.

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