Creative Gift Ideas: Personal Speaking Gift Cards

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Personal Speaking Gift Cards – Now There’s A Special Idea

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Get personal with a virtual speaking gift card, ideal for special birthdays, wedding presents, retirement dos and much more. You, your family and friends record voice or written messages to be read wherever you are in the world.

We’ll then make them into a treasured audio show, adding music and sound effects to create a virtual party where everyone is gathered.
You’ll receive an audio file (MP3) which can be easily be played to that special person.

Each show is handmade and lovingly compiled. A memorable and a truly unique gift for that special person wherever they are.
No technical knowledge needed and no hassle!

Introductory offer – prices start from £50 plus VAT for 10 clips lasting no more than 1 minute each.

Get in touch today and make that special’s person’s day truly amazing.


This is a compilation of what we did for one 40th birthday – the actual programme lasts around 15 minutes.

Chris Turner, Who Received A Personal Speaking Gift Card:

“This is the best present I’ve ever had. It means so much to me. I will always treasure it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Steve Penk (Capital Radio, Piccadilly Radio):

“Fun and engaging, nice concept Good Radio is often theatre of the mind and Tim is good at painting pictures. Good job Tim.”

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Get in touch today and make your special person’s birthday extra special with a radio show for them.

01372 300106



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Personalised radio programmes are ideal for all occasions. We make them for:

And much more! Make someone’s day.

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Sound Wave: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at, Man listen with headphones: Image courtesy of nenetus at, Background sfx and music courtesy of Thanks to Chris Turner and family for use of clip.



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