Proud Moment As Small Business Client Gives Training To MPs

Today is a proud moment.

A few months ago I was recommended to help a small business training company increase revenue.Tim Mitchell Upper Hand-Digital

With a limited budget, I developed a digital marketing plan that would achieve far better results than even I could have imagined.

The campaign I put together centred around targeted content for their website and social media, and using LinkedIn to approach people to collaborate with.

Within a few weeks of me working with my client, enquiries started arriving – their web traffic actually increased by 50 per cent since I began with them.

One enquiry came in from a Government Dept who wanted training. At the same time, as a result of my efforts using LinkedIn, the CEO of a large chain of retail stores – they have 46 stores in London and the South – invited my client to train his staff.

This afternoon my client is giving a training course to #MPs. And next week my client will be training a large insurance corporation, a group of #GPs, and will start a long-term training programme for that Government Dept. There are lots of other leads coming in as well.

My client is thrilled and all this with a limited budget and in a short-space of time.

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