Quick LinkedIn Course: Get More Followers To Company Page

Hi and here’s another Quick LinkedIn Course – this time on how to get more followers to your company page. It’s a question that often comes up but let’s start with some facts.

Company Pages on LinkedIn have better analytics than your own profile stats so you want to be posting on both your Company and Personal profiles.

And here’s another thing with the stats, your own LinkedIn profile – if you are the only person posting content to your Company page – will have better results! The reason is that people on LinkedIn like to ‘buy from people’. They want to see the person behind the profile – many Company pages seem to be quite anonymous.


Let’s talk about content first and this is a great thing to do with then content you use for your own profile. You need to make sure you are sharing content that is of interest and value to your visitors. And yes do share content which shows your expertise and personality. People want to gain your insights and they want to get to know you. It’s the same with your Company as well.

So mix up the different types of content with images, graphics, text-only, videos and carousel posts.

Do this consistently. For my own business, I aim to post three of four times a week. I try to post tips on a Monday, a testimonial on a Tuesday, LinkedIn or marketing insights on a Wednesday and Friday something a bit more light-hearted or a quote. Consistency is the key.

Engage also with your community. Yes commenting gets you noticed but make sure you are adding value to other people’s posts.

The above techniques should help attract people to your LinkedIn Company page but doo also invite your own connections to follow you LinkedIn Company page. There is currently a limit of 250 connections you can invite per month.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this mini LinkedIn Course.

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