Quick LinkedIn Course: How To Get To Know Your Customers

Hi, here’s another quick LinkedIn Course. This time I want to talk about how to understand your customer which is of course applicable not only for LinkedIn but should be central to your overall marketing.

The more we can make our marketing messages relevant, the more they will resonate and the more our customers are likely to take action. 

My approach is to try and get into the customers’ heads as much as possible and to find out what drives them and what their pain points are. Why should our target customer engage with us and seek our help?

Remember marketing is about driving awareness and getting in front of the customer so that they take action.


Here’s a useful exercise you could do if you haven’t already and perhaps a good reminder for all us.

When I’m running LinkedIn and digital marketing training courses – I present them for not only small businesses but for well known global companies – I set up an exercise for delegates. I will share with you something amusing in a second.

I ask delegates to think about a fictional character or avatar and to make up a back story about them. And to think about what these avatars do on a typical day. I might give delegates half an hour to find a random person on the internet and then to make up a story about them and then to tell the rest of the group

. Questions I might ask delegates to think about with their avatars could be:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they do?
  • Are they married?
  • What motivates them?


It’s amazing how imaginative some attendees can be!

I remember one course in Oman I was running. It was a really terrific, engaged attendees and I came to the last breakout group. 

The task I set for them was to find a random person on the Internet that delegates could introduce and talk about in front of their colleagues on the course. 

If they found a picture of a rather cool-looking 25-year-old wearing sunglasses. I would be asking the delegates to tell me who this person is, how and when they would interrupt this fictional person’s day with marketing messages.

Perhaps there could be sunglasses advert on Alexa or Google Home when the avatar was getting ready to leave their home – as a reminder that you need sunglasses on a sunny day.

In other words, putting out relevant marketing messages/adverts at the times and places where the avatar was likely to think about a product or service.

I set up the exercise and on every course there is always a group of people that come up with something – original. I asked the three chaps from one of the breakout groups to stand by the flip chart and to introduce their person they had found on the Internet.

Was it a business person, a student or..

There was a snigger and they stood there with a picture of Batman. Apparently Batman was their target market for their sunglasses and they told me all about this person, what he likes for breakfast and so on. Who knew Batman liked his porridge and relaxed by his swimming pool when not fighting the Joker?

Even though it was a fictional character the delegates came away understanding more about Batman’s private life.

Designing a customer avatar is a great start for getting in the minds of your target customer. I think particularly when you are running a small business, it is easy to lose track of who the target audience is. 

So perhaps you might like to keep a picture of that fictional client of yours on the fridge door and make up a story about them. It’s a good reminder that you are talking to your target customer or listener directly. Think about what would drive them to use your services.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini LinkedIn Course. Do get in touch if I can help with your LinkedIn Marketing or with LinkedIn Training.


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LinkedIn Course trainer Tim Mitchell

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