Quick LinkedIn Course: Marketing Channels

Here’s another one of my mini LinkedIn Courses but this time I want to more broader. I want to highlight a question that business owners often ask which is which marketing channels should they be on?

Perhaps they feel like they should be on Instagram, Snapchat. Facebook and even Threads. They want my reassurance that they are doing the right thing.

And perhaps they could be on those channels but my advice is always to take a step back and actually work out where their customers are ‘hanging out’. Otherwise it could end up being a costly waste of time.

This initial discussion often leads to another discussion and these business owners realise that they don’t know who their customers are. And it’s often the start of a much deeper dive into their plans which leads to setting out goals and then realistic objectives.

Our research will delve into the customer journey, the best type of content to serve and when and where.

So before rushing in and posting sporadically on different platforms, think about who your customer is, what pain points they have, how you can help them and where they are hanging out. And then to target your marketing methods accordingly. The key is to be consistent (and don’t forget to keep checking and refining your marketing messages). Your customer might not necessarily be on LinkedIn!

I hope you found this mini LinkedIn Course/ Digital Marketing Course useful. If I can help with your LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training or Digital Marketing Training do get in touch.


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