Quick LinkedIn Course: Segmentation

Here’s another quick LinkedIn course although it’s something you need to be considering for all your marketing. I’m talking about Segmentation.

We know that when marketing messages are more personal and relevant that they are going to resonate more with us.

Say, for example, that you are getting the kids ready for school and you notice that your child has broken her shoe. If you are a parent or look after children, this will be all too familiar. Your Smart Speaker later plays you an advert for a shoe shop near you perhaps with a special offer.

You may find yourself going into their shop later. You bought the new shoes because an advert was played to you at the right time and you were in the ‘buying’ mode.

Before we move on from here, a word about LinkedIn. Generally, people on LinkedIn use it as a place for networking and for learning. In other words, they may not necessarily be in a buying frame of mind. In fact, if you try to sell directly to people who are not ready to buy, you are likely to annoy them and end any future business relationship with them.

Back to the shoes, well the marketing messages. In an ideal world, you would be making each and every advert or marketing message personal and relevant. It’s quite possible although I am sure that will come.

Instead, we need to group are target audience – segment them if you like – by similar traits such as where they live, age, background and so on. You can then target these groups with specific messages and campaigns. It should mean that your marketing messages resonate more with them and they could, as result, take action. If you’re blasting your marketing messages out to everyone, it’s likely you will completely miss who you are aiming for.

Now where’s my daughter’s broken shoe? I need to find a good shoe shop nearby!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini LinkedIn/marketing course. If I can help you with LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training or Digital Marketing Training do get in touch.


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