Quick LinkedIn Course: Turbo-Charging With LinkedIn Audio Events

Here’s another one of my mini LinkedIn Courses. Today, let’s talk about how you can turbo-charge your presence on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Audio Events.

If you’ve not been to a LinkedIn Audio Event let me describe what they are. They are a cross between a podcast, a public lecture, a training course, a drop-in centre…in other words, I think you are getting the picture, they are a unique medium!

But although the LinkedIn Audio Event concept stands out on its own, it’s really powerful, I think, for turbo-charging your profile on the platform!

Here’s why.

When you set up the LinkedIn Audio Event, your Event flyer will be visible to people looking for Events. You can invite your followers to join you in your LinkedIn Audio Room event – it’s a great way to re-connect with them (you click on the box next to their name when you are sending out the invites or you can send Direct Messages).

However you do it, your connections will remember you and if they drop into your LinkedIn Audio Room, they will get to know you more. People like to get to know people before doing business particularly on LinkedIn. Also because you are the one presenting in the Room, you will come across as an authority.

You can also increase your Followers by following people in the Room and asking them to do the same. Remember you don’t know who knows who even if you think they are not the right fit.

Do LinkedIn Audio Room’s work?

Yes, I have had several leads from running these Audio Events. People who attend my Rooms say that they find they learn lots and really enjoy them.

If you are thinking of hosting a LinkedIn Audio Room and don’t know how (or feel scared) then get in touch. I would be only too happy to help and it’s actually not scary! It’s almost like chatting to a group of friends at the pub. What have got to lose? Nothing but plenty of followers and potential leads to gain!


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