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Upper Hand Digital Collating Customer Feedback

Can I Give You A Star Or Five?

If I gave you a star for your excellent service, how would it make you feel? Good? What about five nice stars? How about some very complimentary words? That would be great too wouldn’t it and should even help with people noticing your business more.

In fact, lots of stars and lovely words could really help turn people just researching your business into buyers. They’ll be reading about your good reputation and your business will start to earn their trust.

Let’s face it, most of us check out customer testimonials before we buy or use a service (in fact 90% of us do). Testimonials can help build your reputation, increase online exposure, and ultimately business.

Turbo Charge Your Online Presence

The trouble is actually finding the time to collate and post customer feedback on your website and other relevant places on the web. You can’t do everything yourself. So it’s good to know that Upper Hand Digital can manage the entire process for you.

Let us follow up on your customer feedback regularly and post positive testimonials to your website and social media. We’ll also encourage your customers to post on well known local directories such as and – it will turbo charge your online presense. It’s working right now for other small businesses we’ve helped in Surrey.

Insurance Policy

We’ll make sure that when someone looks for a specific product or service in your area, your positive customer reviews come up. And if anyone says anything negative online that could harm your business, we’re there to handle that too and quickly. We’ll give your reputation a positive turbo charged boost – think of this as an insurance policy.

How much would a new customer be worth to you? Worth more than just £100 a month? That’s the price we can start managing your customer feedback and reputation from. Unlike other companies, we won’t tie you into long contracts. Just try our reputation management service and see how it goes for a month.

Get in touch with the specialist content marketing agency in Surrey today for a friendly chat to see how we can help attract more business.

Reputation management for small businesses from just £100 a month. How much is a customer worth to you?

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