4 vital reasons to blog

Updating Your Website Weekly Could Save Time, Money & Also Generate More Business.

  1. Updating your site – even if you are using it as an online brochure – is probably the most powerful and the most cost effective way of attracting new leads and sales whatever your sector or size of business.

    A few hours a week spent writing a blog could triple* the number of visitors to your site on average per month. How long and how much would it cost you to attract this many people to your business through conventional networking, social media ads, paid-per-click campaigns and other marketing activities? 

  2. Fresh, original and relevant content such as a blog on your site helps build trust with not only new users but also your existing customers. Targeted content demonstrates who you are and what you do. It means web visitors are more likely to buy from you or use your services.

  3. The content – once written – can be re-packaged in social media campaigns, email marketing, newsletters and so on to further enhance your online reach.

  4.  Regular content can help you be found higher up in the search engines’ natural listings for your target keywords and phrases – Google tends to favours sites with fresh, original and relevant content.

A few hours a week keeping your site updated even if you are using it as an online brochure, could make your marketing spend go further than you realise. 



Don’t have time or know what to write?

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More Customers For Less Marketing Spend.


Case Study Experiment – The Evidence Fresh Content Works For Generating Leads/Sales

So what would happen to a website that stopped publishing weekly quality content? We were involved in an experiment in February 2017 and March 2017.

The website generally has over 2000 visitors a month. It operates in a very competitive field and sells high ticket items.

1 Jan – 28  2017 vs 1 Feb – 28 Feb 2017

visitor numbers 1-jan-28

You can see in the first month when weekly blog writing stopped there was a drop of 7.78% in user numbers.

More worrying, if we compare February’s figure against two average months for this website – October 2016 and November 2016, a downward trend is obvious.

1 Oct – 28 Oct 2016 vs 1 Feb – 28 Feb 2017

visitor-numbers-1-oct-28-1-feb-28The number of users down 15.76%.

1 Nov – 28 Nov 2016 vs 1 Feb – 28 Feb 2017


The number of users down by 16.80% when compared to November 2016.

Where Traffic Came From

1 Jan – 28 Jan 2017 vs 1 Feb – 28 Feb 2017

aquisitions 1-jan-2017-28-jan-2017-vs-1-feb-28-feb-2017

Traffic from social media down by nearly 11%. This was only the first month of the experiment when weekly blog writing had stopped but social media activity was increased (by another agency).

Unfortunately, March figures were worse.

The number of users was down by – 24.24% (compared to November’s figures).

1 Nov – 30 Nov 2016 vs 1 Mar – 30 Mar 2017


And sales (down by 50%) for both February and March.

The experiment has now finished and the site is being updated again with weekly blogs.

 *These are results we have typically seen based on working with many SMEs for years but it can also depend on how well sites work from a technical and user point of view. Competition can also be a factor.