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One of the key ways businesses can attract customers is content marketing. It’s cost effective and powerful.

Whether you need a White Paper drafted, a thought-leading blog article put together or snappy content for your next email marketing campaign, you can trust us – the experts in SEO copywriting in Surrey, London and across the South East.

Take a look now at our wide range of content work for different clients here.

Watch how our content marketing works in our 2 minutes video.

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Upper Hand Digital Collating Customer Feedback

How much is a new customer worth to you? Turbo charge your online presence by letting us manage your customer feedback and boosting your reputation. We’ll also help protect your brand. Don’t let bad reviews ruin your reputation.


We created this real-life case study (extract below) for an underfloor heating small business in Redhill. Within a week this page was ranking at the top of Google’s organic search for various competitive key phrases. This page has helped to increase enquiries and sales overall.

Case study/customer reviews

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The Copywriting in Surrey AgencyWe bring words alive! Whatever your message we know how to make your website and online presence really stand out.

From sales copy through to press releases, you’ll know you are in very experienced hands.

Content is produced by a qualified journalist with over 20 years’ professional experience.


We created this content for a popular skin rejuvenation clinic in Surrey.

Jill Zander Copywriting

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We can create amazing product videos (including animations) and at the price that’s right. They are helping our clients stand out online and attract more.


We made this advert for Gold Investments aimed at Indian families living in the UK.

It is being shown on SKY TV and the media buying company were so impressed they are recommending us to their clients.

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Being found in the search engines makes perfect sense. After all, 3.5 billion searches per day are done on Google alone. SEO is no longer a case of throwing backlinks at a site – although the right type of backlinks done in the right way still works.

Our ‘white-hat’ methods for driving traffic and turning visitors into clients are working right now for small businesses like yours.

We can also give your campaigns a boost with pay-per-click.

See the analytics results for one client – visitors (driven from SEO and email marketing campaigns) up by nearly 60% in a few months. For another client we’ve more than doubled online sales in less than a year!


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Even if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or the other social media platforms, your business could still be being talked about and possibly in a negative way.

Without a social media strategy and strong social media presence, you could be missing out on future revenue opportunities. Your business needs to be where your customers are online.

We offer:

  • Social media strategies designed to reach potential clients

  • Incredible content for being noticed and growing ‘likes’, ‘shares’ etc.

  • The skills for growing groups and communities online


This piece, created by us, was posted to LinkedIn and immediately attracted ‘likes’ from two CEOs of major companies.




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How many times do you check your smart phone a day for emails? Email marketing is a powerful way of attracting business if done in the right way.

We can help increase sales by tapping into your existing customer base and then creating bespoke emails which are sent automatically. These can work well for:

  • Sending out customer reminders

  • Promotional offers

  • Newsletters (for raising general client awareness of your company)


Our eye-catching email marketing campaigns are having significant benefits for our clients. We created and set up this email campaign and in another campaign set up a landing page advertising new brochures.

One recent client email campaign immediately led to enquiries the next day for a high value product worth thousands of pounds.

ETS News Website

Landing Page

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Our visual content will also help your small business stand out. Take a look at these:

Banner For ETS


Gold Investments Banner




One recent banner campaign led to a far better take up rate than the client had expected. There was also a significant increase in sales for this period.

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Help To Self Publish


ETS Web Development

Let us help your small business stand out and attract more with winning website design (such as the Help To Self Publish site above) and web development/project management (such as the ETS Cable Components site).

And we can also create amazing content and digital marketing strategies that work for your new website.

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Get in touch today:

01372 300106



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