So This Happened When I Stopped Blogging

Many of us know we should be keeping our websites and social media channels updated regularly. After all, it makes good business sense.

But it’s often the first thing that falls off the ‘to-do’ list. Perhaps, if we could see instant results we may be more inclined to be creative and dream up interesting content for our hungry online platforms.


A number of years ago, I was looking after the blog content for a client in the City. As part of their overall strategy, I researched and wrote Thought Leading pieces under their brand. These were published on their website and pushed out to their social media channels. Although labour intensive, publishing these blogs produced consistently good results for them

Their analytics indicated visitor numbers increasing and this in turn led to increases in sales. But was I just working for them at a period when they may have had more leads naturally anyway? I was sure that I was indeed making a difference. They weren’t.

On the advice of another agency, they asked me to pause my content writing services with them for three months. I warned that this would likely have an impact on their online visitor numbers and ultimately sales. 

The three months rolled by and sure enough their sales went down. Their listing in Google’s organic search results fell (the search engines like fresh, original content), they lost returning visitors (possibly bored of not seeing new content) and, yes, their sales figures were poor as well. I was asked to start writing for them again.

The moral of this tale is to produce content regularly. Writing quality blogs consistently can be a good way of attracting visitors and leads over the long-term. You can re-use the content elsewhere on social media, in podcasts and so on.

The hardest part is starting but once you do, I am sure you will write a wonderful blog piece which I look forward to reading.

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