Over 25 Years' Experience

Tim runs a marketing clinic for Kingston and Surrey businesses - contact Tim for more info

Looking for a social media agency for Kingston which goes the extra mile? One that you can trust and one that really does know their stuff?

With over 25 years’ experience, Upper Hand Digital is the social media agency that more of Surrey's small businesses are choosing to help them.

Take a small business sign language school based in Surrey. We were recommended to help them with their social media initially for just a few months.

Over a year later and we are still helping them.

Thanks to our our efforts, the school has now worked for organisations such as Heathrow, Lloyds of London, SpecSavers, Crown Prosecution Service, Surrey Heath GPs to name just a few.

Understandably our client is  very happy!

Not only do our clients find we get them results but we also take time to understand their businesses. In fact we like to work where they are!

Take a look at our recent client results.

We’ve worked in locations such as garden offices, dining room tables and even at a premier league club (one of our small business clients looks after the IT there).

Upper Hand Digital - the social media agency for Kingston and Surrey's small businesses.

If you think we can help your small business with social media - including training - do get in touch with Tim:

07799 701526

01372 300106


Oh yes and we're friendly too!

Tim has recently been helping me with SEO for my new website and I am very pleased to find that enquiries via my website have increased for the same period a year ago which is usually seasonally a quieter time. I can highly recommend Tim’s services. He takes time to listen and develop an understanding of the business he is promoting. Thank you Tim," Jan Littlemore, CatsKingdom.
Jan Littlemore, Catskingdom