Why I Support This Charity – Hospital Radio Wey

I can speak firsthand of being a patient at St Peter’s in Chertsey, Surrey. I was admitted via A and E to the Medical Assessment Unit in May with pneumonia. I was surprised to have caught the illness as I consider myself as being fairly fit and I’ve never had anything like this before. I was really weak and felt very frightened.

Yet mTim at Radio Weyy time on the ward answered a question I had wondered about for a very long time: How relevant are hospital radio stations such as Radio Wey – based at St Peter’s –  in this day and age of televisions, iPhones, iPads?

Do hospital radio stations simply please themselves more than the patients they serve? Afterall when you think of the term ‘hospital radio’ you probably think of a bunch of wannabe DJs.

As a patient, I found great comfort in the radio and Radio Wey in particular. The station was a godsend and I was able to while away the hours and be transported to another place. When I felt lonely or scared, I knew there was a friendly voice chatting to me. And having volunteered at the station since 1986, I personally have always been thrilled to be able cheer others up in hospital over the years through ward visits and shows.


Withoawards-radioweyut being part of the station for all those years, I don’t think I would be able to offer the range of content marketing services that I now do at Upper Hand Digital. Not only the creative and technical skills but the ability to get on well with people.

I am proud of my achievements at the station such as launching a national programme for carers and producing many radio packages, jingles and shows over the years.

It’s also been nice to receive national recognition at the National Hospital Radio Awards, judged by industry professionals.

I currently present the Riverside Pub on a Wednesday every other week and you can hear the trailer here. Good old Gladys!

I hope you do not find yourself in hospital but if you do, please give your hospital radio station a listen. You could find it a great way to escape. Thank you Radio Wey and long may it continue. Find out more details about Radio Wey .

Best wishes


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