Upper Hand Digital – Update Autumn 2022

I thought I would let you know what I’m doing.

Transcript below.

It’s a rather wet day, what do you expect.

A quick update then on what I’m up to, apart from walking – I’m having a bit of break at the moment.

I have Upper Hand Digital which helps smaller businesses ‘punch above their weights’.

Somebody asked me the other day what our USP is.

What makes us stand out is we’re friendly, knowledgeable, have years of experience,  and we also get results as well.

Smaller business clients have been working – as a result of our marketing, with large organisations such as Heathrow and SpecSavers.

I’d loved to hear from you if you think we can help with your next project.

My contact details are at the bottom of this post.


07799 701526

Best wishes


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