Why Email Marketing Can Punch About Its Weight For Small Businesses

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tim-mitchell-small-business-digital-marketing-expertI am walking down Gracechurch Street in the City. It’s an area I am very familiar with yet something is different this time.

I notice things have changed on my journey back to Waterloo. Every person, it seems, is looking down at their smart phones. It was only because I made a concerted effort to look ahead that I too would not have been checking my smart phone on my walk.

I am an addict to my phone. There I’ve said it. I can’t go more than 20 minutes – on a good day – without whipping out my phone like a cigarette. In fact, I feel like I should be standing outside my back door having a crafty peer at Facebook, BBC IPlayer or whatever it is that is taking my fancy at that particular moment in time.

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey would leave me unconnected and missing out. It is out of the question as far as I am concerned.

It’s something that we all have to accept, real life now includes our virtual lives too. I am not alone in my smart phone addiction either. A new Ofcom survey shows 59% of us are hooked on our mobile devices. Of 2,025 adults and teenagers surveyed, they considered themselves hooked. And incredibly a third of smart phone users check their phones 25 times a day and more. I’ve never counted but I must fall within this bracket.

So chances are your customers are doing the same as you and me – spending vast amounts of time looking down at their mobile devices.

To reach them we need to grab their attention. I believe that email marketing can be a powerful tool to use in our marketing toolbox armoury. While social media is great for building up brand awareness generally, email marketing can reach those who are not only thinking about buying there and then but also those thinking about it (and needing more convincing).

Email Marketing Surrey Small BusinessCustomer Buying Cycle

  1. Awareness – where a customer first becomes aware of a need that they want fulfilled or becomes aware of your product
  2. Consideration – when your customers evaluates whether your product meets their needs.
  3. Buying

The technique I’ve developed with my email marketing campaigns for clients addresses all parts of the customer’s buying cycle. In my email campaigns I not only include a sign up button – where people can buy the product there and then – but I also have a link to a blog post which often contains a product video including testimonials.

The purpose of this is to reach those who would like to research more and who want to see more social proof in the form of testimonials and reviews.

Search Engines 

Having these links back to blog posts drives visitors to the site which the search engines like. Visitors may also find other useful products and services on the site too.

In one campaign I ran for a small business client recently, enquiries for a very expensive piece of equipment immediately came in after the eshot was sent. Several days later enquiries were still coming in and with very favourable comments about the product video I produced. The video was featured on the blog page (which I also produced). The additional sales and the analytics also reflected the success of this campaign. I had reached those ready to buy there and then,and those still researching the product I was promoting.


This method has been so powerful for conversions for customers that I haven’t had to set up re-marketing campaigns – where I serve adverts up on other relevant participating websites etc.– but I could to keep brand awareness up.

Although, people may now be more reliant on their phones, small businesses can take advantage of this in their email marketing campaigns by not only including ‘buy it now’ type links but also links back to their blogs. The linked-to blogs could include testimonials and more product information in the forms of videos.

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Why Email Marketing Can Still Punch About Its Weight
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Email marketing can be a powerful tool but are small businesses using it to its full potential?
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