Would You Do Business With A Robot?

Would you do business with a robot?

😊 Would You Do Business with A Robot?

Could you imagine walking into a meeting and the other attendee there is not a human but a mechanical robot.

Like me, you would probably freak out at first but then you may well get used to the idea.

Does this sound far-fetched?

I don’t think it does and here’s why. In a school close to me in Surrey, a robot has begun attending lessons on behalf of a pupil who is not able to go in because of medical reasons.

💻 In this case, the robot is being controlled by the pupil at home. The robot’s head rotates, and the eyes also move around to see the classroom. The student can read out speeches and ask questions in class through the invention.

The Head Teacher says that it hasn’t taken too long for the children to get used to this clever bit of technology. And as for the pupil, she believes the robot is helping to make her to feel part of the lessons.

I can see so many applications for robots like this one in business.

😂 I wouldn’t want to strike a business deal with one as I would probably come out worse if it’s like my chess playing but I could attend more networking events using one. I can even see future models promoting marketing message.

👍 And I can see it could be useful for my colleagues who rely on British Sign Language interpreters – a robot could sign, for instance. This would help to bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing worlds.

💁‍♂️ So perhaps soon I might be doing my one-minute elevator pitches from the comfort of my own home through Robotic Tim! Now would it be too far-fetched to choose a robot to represent me with hair!

😂 I can imagine what the robot would say!

What do you think, are robotics for the business a reality or a pipe dream?


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